grid rules

Medium Grid Rules

Medium Grid Rules

If an individual is age 50 or older and capable of performing work at no
greater than the medium level, a decisionmaker would need to consult the
following table to determine whether or not that individual should be found
disabled. They all require limited education and unskilled or no prior work
experience. Although the grids start at age 50, the first favorable grid at
the medium level starts at age 55.

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SSA Grid Rules: Age as a Factor

SSA Grid Rules: Age as a Factor

Will I Be Found ‘Disabled’ Based On My Age? “Age”, in the world of Social Security Disability, is defined as one’s chronological age, but one attains a particular age the day before his or her birthday. Age becomes a factor in the determination of disability at step 5...

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Heavy Grid Rules

Heavy Grid Rules

Although not really a set of rules, the final category to consider are
those individuals capable of performing work at the heavy or very heavy

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SSA Grid Rules: How Education Level Affects SSDI

SSA Grid Rules: How Education Level Affects SSDI

In order to be found ‘disabled’ under the Social Security Disability program, you need to be unable to perform any work. Congress has recognized, however, that as an individual ages, it becomes more difficult for them to learn new skills and, and as a result, learn different types of work. SSA has accounted for this fact in it’s rules and regulations by
implementing a set of rules commonly referred to as the grid rules.

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