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Parkinson’s Disease

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Can You Get Disability Benefits for Parkinson’s Disease?

The Social Security Administration (SSA) has identified Parkinson’s disease as a serious neurological disorder due to the limitations it can cause. To qualify as disabled with PD, your condition must either meet the requirements of listing 11.06 in their Blue Book or severely affect your ability to work full-time at any job. For those affected by this potentially life-altering affliction, SSA provides support for compensation and treatment options that may help patients try to gain some level of control over their lives again.

How Do I Get Approved for Benefits with Parkinson’s Disease?

Do you struggle with mobility, balance issues and severe physical limitations? If so, it’s possible that Parkinsonian Syndrome affects your life. To qualify for benefits under listing 11.06 there are certain criteria to meet- such as being unable to control both of arms or legs (or one of each) despite 3 months’ worth of treatment; difficulty balancing while standing/walking, rising from a seated position & using the arms OR marked physical problems along with a marked limitation in thinking skills, interacting socially & completing tasks effectively at some level worse than moderate but less than extreme.

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How Much Can I Expect In SSDI Payments?

In 2023, you could be eligible for up to $3,627/month in SSDI benefits.

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