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Kidney Disease

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Does SSA Qualify Kidney Disease as a Disability?

The Social Security Administration (SSA) is committed to providing assistance for those in need, and evaluates kidney failure under its disability listings. If an applicant meets the criteria stated within the “genitourinary” section of their impairment guidelines, they could be eligible to receive specific benefits that help them cope with this affliction.

How Do I Get Approved for Benefits with Kidney Disease?

Social Security evaluates an individual’s abilities to work and assigns a rating, called “residual functional capacity” (RFC), ranging from sedentary to heavy labor. If your physician has expressed how the disease curtails you in this respect, their opinion is given weight by this agency.

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How Much Can I Expect In SSDI Payments?

In 2023, you could be eligible for up to $3,627/month in SSDI benefits.

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