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Does the SSA Qualify Ilioinguinal Neuralgia as a Disability?

Ilioinguinal neuralgia can be an all-encompassing and debilitating condition, leading to difficulty performing even everyday tasks. If your pain has lasted more than a year and led you to leave the workforce entirely, it may qualify as disability under Social Security Administration guidelines. Damage towards this nerve located in the lower back can have far reaching effects on not just hips or legs but also feet – making it hard for sufferers of ilioinguinal neuralgia sit stand or walk long enough for sustained work hours that are full time..

How Do I Get Approved for Benefits with Ilioinguinal Neuralgia?

Qualifying for Disability Insurance and Supplemental Security Benefits can be achieved in a couple of ways: meeting the exact criteria listed by a medical impairment or being unable to work within your current limitations.

To increase your chances of qualifying for disability benefits, make sure you provide the Social Security Administration with clear medical evidence to support your claim. This means keeping them informed about any recent and past healthcare treatments related to ilioinguinal neuralgia or other conditions that may be impacting eligibility criteria.