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Does SSA Qualify Diabetes (Type I or Type II) as a Disability?

People living with uncontrolled diabetes may be eligible to receive disability benefits from Social Security, such as SSDI/SSD or SSI. To qualify for these benefits, the damage caused by the diabetes must significantly restrict their abilities to perform everyday tasks, or they must have serious complications that meet the criteria of one of Social Security’s disability listings.

A person with diabetes may have a higher chance of being approved for disability benefits if they experience complications such as diabetic retinopathy, peripheral neuropathy, or nephropathy. If an applicant is able to prove their inability to work due to these conditions, their benefits application will likely be granted. Additionally, people who experience uncontrolled diabetes are at a higher risk of other disabling conditions, such as depression or anxiety.

How Do I Get Approved for Benefits with Diabetes?

People with diabetes often experience complications such as chronic skin infections, nephropathy, peripheral neuropathies, retinopathy, cardiovascular problems, and amputation of an extremity due to nerve damage and poor circulation. To qualify for disability benefits under the Social Security Administration (SSA), these complications must be quite severe. The SSA then goes on to assess the residual functional capacity (RFC) of the applicant to understand how much their functioning is limited.

The RFC review will take into account medical history, doctor’s opinion, statements made by the applicant and those close to them, as well as physical and cognitive limitations. If it is determined that the applicant cannot be expected to work given their age, educational level and past job history due to their impairments, they may qualify for disability benefits. If the applicant has multiple impairments including diabetes, these must be combined when considering the eligibility for disability benefits.

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In 2023, you could be eligible for up to $3,627/month in SSDI benefits.

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June 14, 2023

Written by Leah Meyer