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Can I live with someone while on SSDI?

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Yes, of course you can, but I suspect the real question is; “Will living with someone else affect my ssdi benefit?” The answer to that question is ‘no’. Living with someone else will have no impact on an SSDI benefit.

SSDI vs SSI Benefits

Although living with someone while on SSDI does not impact your SSDI benefit, living with someone while on SSI could impact an SSI benefit. The reduction might happen if you do not pay your “fair share” of food and shelter expenses.

Sharing Expenses

The Social Security Administration might reduce your benefit by 1/3 if you do not pay your fair share of food and shelter. Benefits are not reduced by 1/3 if you do; however, pay your fair share of food and shelter. The smartest thing you can do for overall household income then, is to pay your fair share of those expenses.

I highly recommend that you open a checking account or use a debit card when paying your share of the food and shelter. If the SSA ever audits you, having proof of payments will make life much easier.

Living with ssdi benefits

EXAMPLE – SSI reduced by one-third: On January 1, 2022, Sheri Smith moved in with her daughter and her grandchildren. Sheri received both food and shelter from within the household. She did not help pay for the household expenses. Because she received food and shelter from her daughter, the SSA would reduce her monthly SSI benefits by one-third. Assuming Sheri has no other countable income, her SSI payment would be reduced to $560.67.

EXAMPLE – One-Third Reduction No Longer Applies: Ms. Smith notified the SSA that she started paying her daughter for her share of the household expense for food and shelter as of February 1, 2022. There are five persons in this household: Ms. Smith, her daughter, her husband, and two children.

The household expenses for food, rent, and utilities are $1,500 per month. Ms. Smith pays her daughter $300 per month, which is her pro rata share. Based on Ms. Smith paying her pro rata share and not having any other countable income, the SSA stopped reducing her SSI benefits by one-third and began paying her the full SSI amount of $841 per month.

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How Much Can I Expect In SSDI Payments?

You could earn up to $3,148/month in SSDI benefits.

Do I Qualify for Social Security Disability?

Browse our SSDI resource library to find clear answers and determine if you qualify for up to $3,148/month in SSD benefits.

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March 15, 2022

Written by TC Newlin

TC is a disability litigator and one of the managing partners in the Social Security Disability Department at Fleschner, Stark, Tanoos & Newlin. He has had the pleasure of helping thousands of people obtain the benefits they so desperately need.


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