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How to Get Disability Faster

get disability faster

Calculate Your Disability Benefit

There are a few things that you can do speed up the process to get disability faster.

Unfortunately the process of obtaining disability benefits can be extremely lengthy. If your claim needs to go to hearing it could take up to two years. Generally speaking there is not much that you can do to speed up this process.

Speed Up the SSDI Process

Attorneys that claim they have an inside track or can get your hearing faster are lying to you. All of that being said, there are a few things that you can do to potentially speed up the process:

At any level

  • First and foremost, do everything right the first time. This process is complicated. The federal government is not always the easiest organization to work with. Completing forms and requests timely and accurately the first time is the best thing you can do to speed up this process.
  • 100% VA disability – if you are 100% disabled through the V.A., be sure that your V.A. benefits determination level is included in your application. Disabled vets get a fast pass through this process.
  • Compassionate Allowances – There are over 200 disabling conditions, certain cancers and ALS are just two examples of conditions, that are automatically found to be disabling. If your condition is on this list, be sure to notify SSA. Compassionate Allowances enable your claim to be fast tracked.
  • Dire needs request – If you are in desperate need of food or shelter, the SSA may expedite your case because of that ‘dire need’. Proof of this dire need can come in the form of eviction letters, notices from utility companies about shutting off services or overdue bills for medication. If you have a dire need, you should write a letter requesting that your claim be expedited due to the dire need and provide proof of that dire need.
  • Congressional Inquiry – You can ask your congressperson to make a congressional inquiry. If you have been waiting a long time, your congressperson can check the status of your claim. If/when this is done it can help speed up your claim. Not all members of congress make these requests. Not all SSA employees look at the inquiries. And it should be noted that even if a congressional inquiry is made, it does not improve your chances of winning the claim.
  • Finally, hire a disability attorney – This process is complicated and can be lengthy. Although you can do this on your own or with the help of a friend, I highly recommend that you hire someone that does a lot of work in the social security disability field. Work closely with them throughout the entire process.

Get disability faster ssdi

At the initial level

  • The most obvious thing you can do is apply for benefits as early as you can. If you think there is a chance that you will need benefits, you should apply. If your condition improves you can always withdraw your request for benefits. The earlier you apply, the faster you will get your decision.
  • Once you elect to apply, you should download the disability checklist and gather all of the required information prior to applying.
  • This will allow you to get through the application process as quick as possible without having to go back and gather additional information.
  • Respond immediately to requested information. The SSA will send you what might seem like an endless mountain of forms. Fill these out as completely and as soon as possible. Ensure that there are returned to the SSA.
  • Attend consultative examinations. The SSA will likely send you to their doctors for an examination. Take the first available examination and attend. If the SSA needs to re-schedule an exam or if you no-show an exam, the Administration is likely to deny you at this level. This will extend the process.

At the Reconsideration Level

  • File appeals quickly. If you are denied and need to request a reconsideration, file your appeal as soon as possible. You technically have 60 days to appeal, but you can appeal immediately.
  • Again, respond immediately to requested information. The SSA usually requests more information from you at this level. The quicker your examiner obtains this information, the quicker that individual can make a decision on your claim.
  • Attend consultative examinations. There is a slim chance that you may need to attend a consultative examination at the recon level. If requested, go.

At the Hearing Level

  • File appeals early. Just like at the recon level, if you need to request a hearing, you should do so as quickly as possible. Waiting the full 60 days to file this appeal simply slows down the process.
  • The SSA will continue requesting information from you. Reply completely and timely to these requests.
  • Ask for a hearing in any manner available. Whether that hearing be by telephone, video from home, video for an OHO or in person, you should be open to conducting your hearing in all available methods. As of this writing, telephonic hearings are taking place at a much faster rate than what in-person hearings are. Statistically speaking, win rates for phone hearings are the same as those for in-person, I recommend that you consent to telephonic hearing.
  • Submit your complete medical record prior to your hearing. A judge cannot make a decision on your claim without the entire medical record. If the file is not complete at hearing, the record could be left open to obtain the missing evidence or a second hearing could be required. Both of these scenarios add time to the process.
  • Request an OTR. On The Record requests are essentially asking the judge to decide your claim without the need for a hearing.
  • These work sometimes. You need to write a brief to the judge requesting the OTR. The brief and the medical evidence need to be very strong. Not all judges grant OTRs and not all judge will look at your claim until a hearing has actually been scheduled and it is close to your hearing. If an OTR is approved your wait time will be shortened.

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You could earn up to $3,148/month in SSDI benefits.

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May 26, 2022

Written by Anna Barnett


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