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About Disability Qualification

Disability Qualification is a resource dedicated to helping people understand the Social Security Disability application and appeal process.

 Free SSDI Resources & Tools

Our goal is to help people win their Social Security Disability claim by gathering the best SSDI advice and providing tools that'll help you better understand your SSDI case.

We just launched, so bookmark our Disability Qualification Resource Hub, and check back for new SSDI advice that could help you out during the SSDI process.

Our SSDI Experts

Every article on the Disability Qualification website is written by licensed disability litigators.

Our authors have helped thousands of people apply and get approved for Social Security Disability benefits. They understand every aspect of the process and have seen virtually every scenario out there.

Do I Qualify for Social Security Disability?

Browse our SSDI resource library to find clear answers and determine if you qualify for up to $3,148/month in SSD benefits.

Disability Qualification is your one-stop resource for SSDI.

Where Do I Start?

Navigating through the SSD articles can be extremely overwhelming.

We answer all your tricky questions and help you determine if you are qualified for SSDI and how much money you can expect to receive in SSD benefits.

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